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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Main screen turn on

One corner of the bench...
I've done it.

After much procrastination, ideas, thinking and planning, the Buxtronics blog is up. It's finally good to have it up, and all these ideas for articles that I've been going over in my head can finally get down on keyboard.

As a tinkerer and builder of various electronic gadgets, and brewer of beer, it was a shame to not be able to share my creations with others online. I decided I needed to document these various projects, even if just for my own benefit.

Some of my projects are already online, but they are in raw html and take a fair bit of work to put up. So I've gone with a traditional blog format for future projects. Some of those existing projects may get a revisit here though, particularly as they have been improved and changed somewhat.

Some existing projects that will get a mention here soon include:

  • Marx Generators
  • Brewing stir plate
  • Tesla coil
  • Various milled gadgets
  • Various destructive high voltage fun
  • Microcontroller based projects

So stick around, subscribe and stay tuned for an insight into my crazy hobbies!

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