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Monday 5 September 2011

High Voltage Capacitor vs CD

It's hard to beat an afternoon blowing crap up, and my toy of choice is my 0.25uF/35kV capacitor. This beast stores 150 joules of energy and can dump it all in a tiny fraction of a second.

It amounts to a peak energy of millions of watts of power! It's hard to pass up some fun with this baby.

One of my favourites is emptying the capacitor across the metal layer of a CD. The metal layer tends to disintegrate with a massive flash and bag, severely flexing the plastic disc. These videos demonstrate:

I also took a slow motion video of the same:

None of these videos showed the actual disc shattering. Until I tried to restrict the metal layer from evaporating. So I laid the CD flat, with the metal under. This is what happens:

Perfect! Now that is a CD blanker! These are all with the capacitor only at about 60% of total energy storage, so one day I'll try to get it close to 100% for an even bigger bang.

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